Monday, May 17, 2010

The Different Kinds Of Advertisement Comments From Around The Web

Please go to this website!!!!

You've all seen those kinds of comments before. People begging for you to go to a website with a referral link on it. People advertising the low low prices of their shoe websites, and so forth. These are known as spam comments. They're all pretty worthless, but the bots/desperate people who advertise them have different methods to do so, such as..

In Related News.. 
(AKA: This is awesome! You know what else is awesome?)
These comments are very deceptive. They start off as a normal comment, saying something good about the current subject matter, and then BOOM! They hit you with nonsense. They also have the gift of being very strangely worded. 

"Ah, I found another interesting game!" 

Who says that? It's like people who say "Gasp!" in sentences. Nobody says that in real life! You're not fooling anyone either. You didn't accidentally stumble upon this game as you finish commenting about how good the game is. The entire purpose of the comment was to introduce this stupid game, and you've went to about 30 different websites to do this. Of course, this isn't worded as bad as the next type of comment..

Look At Low Low Prices!
(AKA: This is some news, this is completely unrelated topics all the time!)
First of all, you can not tell these comments are from the people of this country do not write. But you start to pay attention to it. Broken English pop. Commenting on the end you begin to notice strange ASCII ...

Anyway, the grammar and punctuation and spelling in these comments are so bad, they have to list the prices and throw in free shipping to make you POSSIBLY THINK to KIND OF CONSIDER to MAYBE go to their website and have SOMEWHAT of a chance to buy ONE of their products. Maybe.

(AKA: We've become such a problem the censors block our site, but we can get around it)
Well, it's easy to tell this one apart. These have lines or spaces in between the letters of the website. This shows that the website's owner decided to block them from the website after they became a huge problem, but they're getting around it. This can be presented as related to the subject, or not related. The example above is a very loose relation, showing just "Who cares!!!" to tie the two topics together.

SM/M: Those advertisements in the comments for stupid dating sites and places where you can buy one shoe, two shoes, red shoes and blue shoes serve no purpose whatsoever!

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